Friday, 16 April 2021

Why should we all be building eco? 

When we take on a project, we have decisions to make. Building eco can have many benefits, from being cheaper to run, and also reducing your carbon footprint. We need to find ways of coexisting with our planet without destroying it in the process. The saying goes “The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do”


What you have to remember is that building sustainable homes will increase the energy efficiency of your build and, over time, it should mean less maintenance. Green materials often require less upkeep, which not only helps with lowering your carbon footprint, but also helps reduce the need for costly repairs. Green living is now, more than ever, easier to achieve. There is a wealth of information on the web which can help you plan, build, and give ideas and advice. 


We all have different ideas as to what building eco means. To some it will mean living completely off grid, maybe even having your own veg patch. To others it is a process which needs easing into. This could mean using certain eco elements, such as solar powered energy. Whatever it means to you, taking that step is vital in order to maintain our environment. If we each take action now, we can reduce our carbon footprint considerably. We are merely borrowing our planet, we need it to survive, but we are the only ones who can protect it for future generations. 


Energy efficiency. 

We have all, at one stage or another, been victims of increasing energy prices. The only way to ensure that your utilities are kept to a minimum is to build in a manner where electricity, for example, is generated naturally. If you’re planning to stay in your home for the foreseeable, you will soon recoup the initial upfront set up costs. 


Indoor environment 

A lot of building materials, to some degree, contain harmful substances, even if only a small amount. This can be because of the way the materials are made. If you build eco, you will benefit from using materials which are free from these substances. You will also build to strict building regulations, which means the air quality inside your build is healthier and more comfortable. Using the right materials, we can harvest the existing heat, which remains in the property, using a heat exchanger. Cold fresh air brought in through the exchanger replaces the polluted warm air with fresh air, with minimal heat loss. Air tightness is key, along with the fabric, for this to be achieved.  


Lower carbon footprint. 

As I have already stated, we need to be lowering our carbon footprint in order to protect our planet and reduce our negative impact. If we don’t start changing our ways now, then we are destroying the future for the younger generations. 


Higher property value

What we have to remember is that when we build to a higher standard, we can charge more, when selling, to recoup the costs. Energy efficient builds are sought after due to the fact that there aren’t many around. We want to be able to help the environment and we want to have reduced energy bills. I am really hoping that mortgage companies, carrying out valuations on these builds, start to recognise them in a positive light, and value them accordingly. This would encourage developers to construct such builds.   


Together we can have a hugely positive impact on our planet; we just need to understand what works best for us. Don’t be put off, just do your research. 

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