Friday, 9 April 2021

What are the benefits of timber frame construction?

I have no doubt that when you’re thinking of starting a build you consider all of the different types of construction, as you should. Which means you’ve probably thought about timber frames and wondered what their benefits are. Well, I’m going to discuss a few of my thoughts around timber frames. 

Firstly, timber is a natural material. There aren’t many natural building materials in the grand scheme of things, but timber has a lot of advantages. Firstly, when timber ages, it does so naturally. Generally speaking, timber is non-toxic, meaning it doesn’t leak any chemicals or vapour into the building. This makes it safe to use in terms of longevity and also for the construction process itself. Your timber framed home will have a safe, comfortable and fresh environment for your occupants, which is exactly what we’re all looking for. 

When taking on any build, it is always best to understand not only where your materials come from, but also what the production process is. With timber there is very little energy used to produce a working material, compared to other materials, such as steel. This means that the energy used to produce a working material from timber is low. When constructing we really do need to consider what the materials can do for the build, and also how they are being produced. This will all impact the environmental footprint of the build. 

With sustainability being so prevalent, it is important to understand the ecological and sustainable factors of your materials. Timber has been used for many years and is a natural, sustainable, and renewable building resource. You need to check where you are getting your supplies from, ensuring you get them from a responsible and reputable company. Most companies that supply timber for use in buildings, have policies in place to ‘re-grow’ more timber than they use. It is your responsibility to ensure that the suppliers you use are reputable and take sustainability seriously. A few studies have shown that timber framed buildings actually outperform houses built with steel and concrete, which is another added bonus to timber framed builds!

Due to timber being a natural material, it really is durable. Well-made wooden buildings can last for centuries, and have done just this in the past; the proof is in the pudding as they say. Another big pull for timber framed builds is the time they take to construct. Timber can be partly pre-cut which helps in saving valuable construction time. In comparison to other methods, timber framed builds are much faster, which in turn saves money! 

Timber is a natural insulator which helps to reduce energy. As I have said many times, sustainability is key to ensuring the future of construction and also our planet. 

I really like, and appreciate, the use of timber in builds, and I am an advocate for a timber framed build. Don’t just take my word for it though, do your own research, I have no doubt you will soon come to realise the benefits of timber and you’ll soon be an advocate for it too. 



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