Friday, 23 April 2021


What is Veritherm I hear you ask?


There is an exciting new testing system which I want to share with you. Veritherm“Measure and verify as-built thermal performance with our simple overnight test”


The Veritherm testing is new to the construction industry, but I have no doubt it will take it by storm. I have been in construction for many years, (more than I’d like to admit), and I am very excited about this. 


Veritherm is a performance test for the whole building. It is set up overnight so there is little, to no disruption, to you or your family, if you’re living there. If you’re working on site, it will be done when no one else is around. This is a massive plus and I can see this being a big pull for this type of testing. 


Veritherm will enable you to find out exactly how your build is performing in terms of thermal energy efficiency. This is big news. It is what we are all trying to find out but we haven’t, until now, had such a straightforward approach! A lot of the testings up to this point, could be both costly and lengthy. It is a breath of fresh air to be able to use a different system entirely, without compromising on accuracy.


How does Veritherm work?


This is a good question! Veritherm uses sensors and loads to find out if the thermal performance of a build is within target. The equipment is set up overnight, and will provide real-time energy efficiency figures. This data is collected and analysed and a result will be provided at the end of the test. It sounds simple, and thankfully it is. This innovative design uses technology in its finest form. 


Finding out your build’s energy performance allows you to see where, if anywhere, it is failing, or at least not hitting your required targets. This again is a simple and effective way of pinpointing any issues without too much manual detection. You can keep track on the quality of your work, or even your employees’ work. We all learn by our mistakes, but we can only do that if we know what those mistakes are!


Veritherm can help us to build better. It is a revolutionary product and, currently, one of a kind. You can make decisions on your project based on actual data and facts received from said project. There is no need for guesswork where this is concerned. You can probably tell that I am very excited about this system!


We have all heard of buildings being signed off only to then realise that there are issues which need to be rectified. This can be costly to do in retrospect, and also your reputation could be damaged if the quality of your build isn’t up to your usual high standards. Veritherm can stop this. Any problems can be detected and therefore rectified before handover/signoff!


We are told relentlessly, and quite rightly, about the ‘performance gap’ on builds; that is, what we estimate the energy performance to be and what the actual energy performance is. Veritherm technology allows you close this gap. If you’re going to build a house, property, or even a commercial build, then your predicted energy performance should be reached, if not surpassed. But, you’d be surprised how many times there is disparity in the results. By using Veritherm you can stop this from happening. As I have previously said, you can keep on top of your build’s performance, rectifying any issues as you go along. 


This isn’t just for newbuilds though, so don’t be disillusioned. If you’d like to know the energy performance of your current home, or offices etc, you can still use Veritherm. You will get your results quickly and, if you wish, you can make changes where needed to improve your building’s energy performance! This really is propelling new and existing properties towards eco living! 


We have many deadlines heading our way in the construction industry and we are well on target to meet them. Systems, such as Veritherm, allow us to move closer and closer to our target each day. The ease of this system is ideal!


Are you as excited about Veritherm as I am?



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