Friday, 20 November 2020

How to get started in construction; construction careers

Firstly, you need to understand exactly why it is that you want a career in construction. Perhaps it’s the opportunities that await; the fact that the country relies heavily on construction workers to thrive. Or maybe it is quite simply what you know and love. Whatever it may be, as with any job, you need to do it for the right reasons. Is there a
particular area you’d like to focus on? Expand your knowledge or even have more of a desk role. Hone in on your skills and utilise what you already know. 

The construction industry is a popular choice for many people, partly because the career options can vary so much. Studying is more often than not the way forward and will give you hands on experience; learning a craft from actual experience is the best way into this field. It will also give you a good standing if an apprenticeship came up. From an employer’s perspective this is something they really look for, practical experience and knowledge. This is a popular industry so you need to make sure you’re the best you can be for the job!   

If you’re looking into studying but you don’t know where to start, do some research. Find a training provider that is recommended, or that also has connections with companies within the construction industry. Not only will they offer thorough training but there is also the potential to network for future positions. Don’t underestimate the importance of networking, build this up early, get a list of people you know in the business, then if a job or training ever comes up you’re already in the loop. 

This industry is full of skilled workers, from carpenters to painters and everything in between. If you have had the relevant training then obviously you will need your CSCS card (Construction skills certification scheme). This might seem like quite a self explanatory thing to say, but you’d be surprised at how many people overlook this detail. 

If you’re looking into architecture or to become a surveyor, for example, you really should be going, or have gone, to University. The amazing thing about construction is that there are so many different levels to think about. Are you looking to progress in your career? Have you been working in the industry for a while and are looking to move forward but don’t know where to turn? Have you thought about going to an agency? The agency will be able to match your skills with jobs they have available. Sometimes you need more experience to be able to progress up the ladder, so getting that under your belt where possible can only be a good thing. This industry offers positions that are on site, office based or even home based. There is quite honestly, something for everyone which makes construction quite different from other career choices. 

Whatever stage you’re at in life, if you’re thinking of changing your job, or just progress in the one you have, you need to research. Look at what avenues you have available and what opportunities there are out there and what qualifications are required. Learning a trade is more than just building, it is a craft. Blood sweat and tears go into perfecting the art. 

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