Thursday, 26 November 2020

 How can technology improve construction?

The big question, how can technology improve construction? Well, as with anything, some people are more concerned about the impact technology will have than others. Obviously there is the worrying thought that it could take over some of the jobs that others are trained to do but I think we’re far from losing a full sector of people. That said, don’t forget, there actually need to be people designing these machines, apps, programmes, training to use them and even selling the new technology, all of which will provide work. I thought it was best to get that out of the way early on. 

Now, what improvements can be made? Technology doesn’t have human error, and assuming all of the set up is correct, the results are faultless. If there are any mistakes, it is usually ‘user error’ rather than anything else. 

Software and apps are some of the most used advances in the industry to date. These are there mostly to help manage scheduling and reports. They’re predominantly designed to streamline processes and improve productivity. The Cloud is used a lot, so when people aren’t in the office they still have the same access as if they were, which makes communication throughout the day between team members so much easier and more successful than before. 

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is storming our industry and quite literally has no bounds. This technology can improve the quality of work undertaken, which in turn reduces the amount of wasted time on site. It also allows for the direct input of data, which can then be assessed and predictions made on present or future projects.  AI doesn’t stop there though. We soon move into robotics, a big move but one which can save time and money in the long-run. Drones can be used to photograph and scan a site. The data and measurements received can then be analysed in order to provide accurate site details and potentially even a model drawing. This is by far the quickest option and quite frankly, the most accurate. This will save a lot of time on certain tasks and allow more of a hands-on approach where needed. 

For us, if we want to remain competitive within our industry, we really need to be able to adapt to the new technologies. In order to stay ahead of the game we must adopt these new strategies because this technology is here to stay. Soon, it will be the norm to be used on every construction site and you wouldn’t want yours to be left behind. Technology allows for information to be transferred in real time, by far the best, quickest and easiest option; what’s not to love?

Quite honestly, I think that sometimes we, as an industry have been slower to accept change but thankfully this doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. I really believe these advances are going to be the making of our industry. Yes, we have already adopted some of these changes and yes, they are helping us progress but, mark my words, there is a lot more to come!

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