Friday, 13 November 2020

 The most iconic buildings in the uk; clever construction

We have some brilliant construction here in the UK and we’re not done yet, not by a long shot. To look at some of the most clever construction over the years we actually have to go back in time. I realise the Pyramids aren’t in the UK but still, they are one of the most talked about ‘buildings’ to this day. The building techniques used to construct them are still on the table and up for discussion. This doesn’t mean that we haven’t come far in our techniques. We have many different materials now, some better than others, we have newer methods and we’re driving eco living into the future. We have a lot to be proud of and look forward to, but, what have we achieved? What builds amaze us in our homeland?

The Uk is full of stunning architecture, heritage and amazing builds. The Shard in London is a landmark that is recognised both near and far. It takes its name as it quite literally resembles a shard of glass. It boasts 95 stories and is over 1000 ft tall. This iconic build takes over the skyline and is the tallest building in the UK and Western Europe

The Uk, as mentioned, is full of stunning architecture but it isn’t all new. As I have said, the heritage we have here is like no other and this architecture has been around for years. You only need to take a look at the Cathedrals we have in the Uk, for example Ely Cathedral. This beautiful build has brought many a visitor over the years and has even featured in films such as ‘The other Boleyn Girl’. The Cathedral has also featured in the background of the cover of Pink Floyds album ‘The Division Bell’.  Stunning architecture has been in our landscape for years and it is documented forever. 

Another landmark, love it or hate it, is the Gherkin in London. This is one more for our capital city and again it is one that’s recognised all over the world, not only by sight but also by name. It has 41 storeys and is 591 ft tall. This building was constructed in the early 2000s and uses energy saving methods. It actually uses ½ of the energy than a ‘standard’ build of its size. 

Construction methods have changed over the years and now a lot of the focus is on eco technologies. In the Uk we have builds such as PWC (Price Waterhouse Cooper) building in London. This build uses many new technologies and has an Environmental Performance Certificate A and a BREEAM score of 93.31%. It is considered one of the best builds for the environment and one to look up to. 

As you can see, we really do have a collection of various different builds, which are not all in London or in the south, but are quite literally all over the UK. We are very lucky to be surrounded by this stunning architecture and clever design. It just means that we have a lot to live up to. Construction is at the height of its game, recognised and renowned all over the world. We really are learning from the best of the best. I wonder what the future will hold?  

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