Saturday, 25 July 2020

Building Regulations - working together as the dream team!

Why do we have Building Regulations?

You wouldn't be human if you hadn't asked yourself this question before. I know first hand how frustrating these regulations can be! You feel you're getting somewhere and then you find you're tied up in red tape. These regulations don't exist to stop you from building your best home, they're here to help you build your best home... safely. That's the key, without them we wouldn't have safe secure builds and no matter how much red tape there is to get through we don't want to have homes that are unsafe; bottom line.

Building Regulations evaluate all aspects of your build; foundations, damp-proofing, structure, insulation, heating, sanitation, accessibility and fire safety just to name a few. The regulations are here to ensure that work is carried out safely. They also protect you and others from unsafe and unregulated builders. Regular site visits make sure that the work that's being carried out is in compliance with the measures.

You can always ask questions while you have your Surveyor there. Take advantage and if you have anything that you want to know, ask. It can be an extremely costly practice to 'fix' or alter things once the work has been completed. Assuming you have the right employees then you won't have anything to worry about. Your trades will know their crafts so trust them. You hired them after all.

If you're in the business of eco builds (and this is the way that most companies are heading), then the Building Regulations are on your side. The Government has a deadline of 2050 for net zero carbon emissions. That might sound a long time away but don't be fooled, that will come around quickly. If you haven't thought much about the eco side of building then there is no better time than now; soon you won't have a choice. The regulations also aim to improve the conservation of fuel and power, protect the environment and promote sustainable development. This is just part of the role of the Building Regulations.

What you must remember is that anyone who works for Building Control will attend regular courses and training and this can be used to your benefit. As I said, ask questions and utilise their knowledge. If you need a trade they might even be able to put you in touch with reputable people? They are on your side although it might not always seem that way but trust me, they're not your enemy!

If your build doesn't pass the Building Regulations and you ignore that fact then there will be serious consequences. Not only will it be costly to rectify but you could even find yourself in a position where you have enforcement involved. Enforcement have the power to remove an unsafe build that is not compliant. This isn't something you can bypass and it isn't something you should bypass.

Not only do these regulations help protect the public from unsafe builds, they also help keep the quality of builds high. We are building houses for the future; we need to make sure they are built ready to take on the next generation and generations after that.

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