Thursday, 23 July 2020

Eco building at its finest- what can be achieved....

From inspiration come ideas!

I am an advocate for eco builds to whatever level. The more we can protect our environment the better it is for the generations to come. There's so much material out there that can lead you forward into the eco sector if you're not already convinced, or if you're looking to get a bit more information. Either way it is such a good idea to research. Some of the best ideas come from inspiration and inspiration comes from seeing exactly what you can do. Sometimes it is good to show everyone what we can achieve. All you need is a good workforce, a plan and some clever ideas. 

I am going to show you a few of the best, most extravagant eco builds the UK has seen to date. These are not the cheapest of cheap but they can really show you what you can achieve.

BedZED, is the UK's first large scale eco village.  This village was completed in 2002 so has been established and working now for 18 years. I'm not saying it didn't have problems but it was ahead of its time. I'm sure if this were to be built now there would be updates made. Things can change a lot over time and with experience, new technology and advances that come into play, it would be hard not to make small changes. Having said that, this village is so forward thinking and is certainly standing the test of time. It comprises 100 homes, office spaces, a college and community facilities. It really is a purpose built eco village and just proves what can be done when planned and executed well. The complex benefits from green buildings, renewable materials, innovative heating, reduced energy consumption and self sufficient heating and electricity. 
You can read up about BedZED here

It is not just homes and villages that are taking the environment seriously, a number of offices around the country are also joining in. They are making the future greener and they are cutting their bills down in the process. For example there are offices such as PwC HQ in London which apparently have a biofuel combined cooling heat and power system, low flush toilets and green walls just to name a few, in turn lowering their impact on the environment and maintaining low bills off the back hand. 

Co-op HQ in Manchester has also joined the eco train. The building is configured to optimise passive solar for heating, cooling and day lighting. The solar panels apparently provide 80% of the hot water. This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you would like to look further then take a look at the links I've suggested. These give you examples of builds that have applied eco technologies and gives you an insight of what can be achieved. 

There are so many examples I could show you and I know these are at the larger end of the scale but I am fascinated by what can be done with the technologies that we already have. These can be applied, evidently to any size or shape of a build, whether its a village, office block, or your home. This is the future and it is exciting. 

If you would like some more inspiration, please take a look at these sites. There are many builds out there that are really flying the flag for eco; the quicker we get on board the better. Just look at what can be achieved. Construction really is an amazing industry.

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