Thursday, 18 June 2020

Home living is the new norm. Why do we need more versatility from our home?

In recent months we have all found ourselves spending more and more time at home. By being made to stay at home we have all started to appreciate what we have got and perhaps even taken on some DIY projects ourselves. 

I think this pandemic has changed our thinking, or at least it has for some of us. We have started to know what it is that we need from our home and it may be that what we have doesn't fit the bill anymore! Perhaps we now need a home-office, larger living space or maybe you have just outgrown what you've got. Sometimes we don't notice until there isn't any room to escape!

The impact that this could have on the construction trade is a positive one. There are people now, who are looking to move, who know what they want and what they need from a home and it is now our job to be ready for them and provide those houses for smart living.

Since lockdown the way we have been living has changed and we need to acknowledge this in future builds. The furniture in our homes has been moved to create space for kids to play, tables and corners have been altered and enhanced to create a space to do school work, spare rooms have been made into offices and gardens (if you're lucky enough to have one) have been given the make over that they've needed for such a long time.

Lockdown has forced us all to engage with our homes in ways which we wouldn't normally do (or have time to do). Everything in our lives has to happen in the home whether it be the gym, the classroom, restaurants, cafes, bar, home cinemas and quite literally everything else that you can think of. We are now expecting more and more from our homes. Now I'm not saying that everybody is  looking for an indoor cinema when they move, but we are expecting our homes to deliver on meeting  more of our needs and to do this we need them to be more versatile. I guess what I am trying to say is that while a lot of us have 
rediscovered the joys of our homes, we have also experienced its limitations!


Now I know that no one wants, wishes or expects another pandemic to happen but maybe to future proof our homes we need to think through their versatility; how can they change and grow with us? 

So to all of the builders, construction workers and trades out there, this is something to think about when you're designing, building or working on your next project. Think about the needs of your clients and how they may have changed. Think about the space that you're providing and how this could potentially be versatile. Many things have changed in recent months, some more than others and some for the better. Just remember that the way people view and use houses is different now; they expect more from the same build....people need more!

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