Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Air Pressure testing- the future of energy consumption

As with any compliance there are levels to achieve and air testing is no different. It is your choice as to how far you wish to go with your testings. Obviously there is criteria you HAVE to meet. These are Government standards and are a requirement for your build. However you have a choice to make; are you just going to aim to pass the test or are you going to aim to surpass the test?

What you need to understand is that these tests are there to ensure that your build provides a healthy, safe living space and also has the smallest impact on the environment. 

Air testing (also known as Air pressure testing, Air tightness testing and Air permeability testing,) is there to ensure that your build meets the minimum targets of air leakage in your build. 

What is Air testing? This compliance calculates the air tightness of a building. Air that escapes your build through gaps, holes or cracks means the building is less efficient than one where there is less leakage. This means that the build will be less energy efficient and more expensive to run. Air testing is required to meet parts L1, L2a  of the Building Regulations. 

The planning stage can sometimes be seen as a long drawn out process. However if you don't get everything right here then you will pay for it down the line. Your build can be severely impacted if you don't get this stage correct. So you need to make sure that you have a good architect who you're able to work with. Don't forget taking advice from others is invaluable, never assume that you know best; we can't know it all. Unfortunately builds can sometimes fail such testings and this can be a costly job (depending on the reason for failure) if it does. The materials used in the fabric of the build might not be correct for example; imagine having to rectify this once you're at the final stages. 

The future is green, whether you agree, disagree or sit on the fence, this is the way we are moving and we need to all move together. There are many ways in which you can be one of the first companies to reach the greener living and you can become the teachers for the rest. 

There are many sites about that will be able to help you with this journey. Atspace provides compliance testing for all compliances and is keen to move with the times towards a more sustainable future. The information for Atspace can be found here.

Just remember, we are working as one big team. Low energy consumption can benefit us all with cheaper running costs and cleaner living. Not to mention the impact it will have on our environment. There are many factors that are in play already and there are many other factors that will come into play down the line. Air testing is here to stay. If you plan from the beginning, test day will seem like just another day on site. 

Your reputation within the construction industry is based solely on your last build. Make it a good one!

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