Monday, 22 June 2020

Eco living - building a brighter future together

The future of Construction is eco friendly and sustainable. We, as a country, world even, are more conscious of our planet. We, collectively, are destroying the very home that we all inhabit and it is about time we started to look after it. I don't want to keep referring back to Covid19 but since this, since lockdown, it has become evident how we have damaged our planet and environment. It is not just the construction industry that needs to help raise a greener future generation, but we can make a start. We have some of the best technology around to ensure we can move forward together. 

Eco living was here way before this epidemic but it is being propelled forward at a faster pace than ever. People are looking forward and are getting excited at doing their bit for the environment and how it can impact them.

Eco friendly homes have been in production for a while but not everyone wants solar panels on their roofs, or plastic windows. For some reason these types of homes haven't been designed as people want....thankfully there has been a great improvement in the design of eco homes in recent times and in some cases you wouldn't even know they were an eco home!

They don't have to cost a fortune, a small difference can go a long way. When building eco on a budget there are a few things to consider. Triple-glazed windows will help to keep the warm air in; insulation is vital and possibly one of the most important aspects of building a sustainable house. Essentially you need to make the property as airtight as possible, so that the heat is retained, meaning there will be less consumption and it will also stop or at least minimise any air leakage going in/out of the home. ATSPACE will be able to help you with any compliance. They are leaders in their field and I'm sure you will be able to gain a lot from their experience.

The Beacon, in the UK for example is a zero emissions building boasting 17 storeys! This is one of the first of its kind and uses Solar PV installation which has been designed into the structure of the build. It also has ground source heat pumps (which use underground heat to produce heating and water) and it has an underground carpark which is said to reduce emissions by 80% compared to a normal carpark. It has a rainwater and greywater harvesting system, an air source heat pump, sunlight tracking system and much much much more. This is just an example of what can be achieved. Sustainable living can be designed for any build, whether that be a small dwelling, a large family home, an office block or even a high rise group of flats. 

Eco living is for everyone. We all need to do our part in making our planet and environment a cleaner and happier place and together we can make this happen... one build at a time. 

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