Thursday, 25 June 2020

How to get the best from your Site Manager

So you have people counting on you and you have deadlines and a build that needs completing...if you're busy yourself then you need a right-hand man (or woman). A site manager is your first port of call and will keep your site running smoothly and efficiently...if you find the right one of course!

Your site manager can only be as good as the people on your team. I wouldn't expect you to employ people who couldn't do the job but if your manager is having to spend time teaching and up-skilling your team then it will be taking valuable resources away from your site. Your manager needs to be able to use his or her time and skills on the important stuff and not carry you or your employees.


This brings me to my next point. If you have employed a site manager then you need to allow them to do just that. Yes of course you will need updates and you may even have the odd bit of advice here and there but you need to give your manager the space to get on with the job. You employed that person, so you need to have the confidence and trust that they are competent in this position.

Your site will be a much happier place if it is run on trust, confidence, compassion and understanding. I am in no way suggesting that you should just let people walk all over you, but there is a big difference between allowing your staff a 'free ride' and gaining their trust and respect (and vice versa). It is a bit of a cliche but a happy site is a productive site.

Motivate and build your team and make sure everyone feels part of it. The more your team feels motivated the more they are going to be excited about your ideas, the more productive they are going to be. Your site manager needs to have excellent communication skills, as do you. If a job needs doing and you have someone who can't communicate well how do you expect that will go? Exactly, that's the point. Communication is key. Another old cliche but these cliches really do hold some meaning!

To give your site manager the best chance you should enlist their help and input from the very beginning. This will give them time to understand the build, to get to know the workers and to implement their knowledge right from the get-go.

Your manager will nee
d to be able to plan ahead and organise their time well. Not only their own time but also the time of the other workers without overloading them or under-working them...there is a fine line.  The workers are likely to be professionals who do this work on a regular basis. Your site manager will know what to do and will be the best of the best, because YOU hired them. Trust in your manager, trust in your team and ensure that your site is run by those who take a pride in their work and respect their team.

If you get the right team together there is nothing you can't do!


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