Friday, 18 June 2021

 What are Vapour Control Membranes? 


A vapour control membrane is something that you will have heard of if you’re in the construction industry. But what exactly is it and what options are out there? 


VCL’s, or Vapour control layers, are critical building components which protect the building from potential degradation. They can be made up from polyethylene, aluminium foil, polyamide film (smart barrier), oil-based and latex vapour barrier paints, insulation and wood.  (varying by type and thickness) 


They are there essentially to restrict the movement of warm, moist air from inside the building to the fabric of the building. These layers can be used to restrict the air flow through the walls, floors, and roof. They prevent high levels of condensation from forming in the fabric of your build. If condensation did build up in the fabric, then that can cause all manner of problems, such as decay in timber, corrosion in metals, and even frost damage in masonry. 


So, that’s the basics on VCL’s but what options are there out there? 

I’ve been following a company called ‘Passive Purple’ for a while now and they have come up with a much simpler solution. This fantastic idea, I believe, will, if it hasn’t already, flood the construction industry. It could help reduce time, cost and condensation build-up, while also helping with the airtightness of your build. It’s quite honestly the perfect solution for most builds. I’m yet to understand why you would use anything else.  


Passive purple offer the complete airtightness package of supply and install of Passive Purple Liquid Vapour Control Membrane” -


One of the great things about this product is that it needs no staples or tapes for installation, unlike a lot of other membranes. This product does offer complete airtightness and vapour control and will stick to almost any surface. 


With most new technologies it really does come down to the application and the skill of the technician who is installing the product. This new product really does make life easier and due to its amazing colour can clearly be seen to which areas it has been applied. It can be sprayed, rolled, or brushed on dependant on the material you’re applying it to. 


Passive Purple is fast becoming one of the sought-after products when discussing Passive House, Airtightness, or Vapour Control Membranes. This started as a family run company and now its products are being used and stocked all over the world!  This company is certainly keep your eye on. 


Passive Purple  is BBA and  LABC approved! This means it can be used with confidence and that this product will do exactly what it says it will! It is a breathable, airtight membrane which is weatherproof. If you’re looking to build a Passivhaus, or just even to build more economically, this is the ideal product for you! 


“Passive Purple External is applied onto exposed facades as a protective membrane. In just two coats, using an airless spray machine, like a Greco or something similar, or a paint roller, your exterior is protected from the elements and able to boost the efficiency of the building”. -

Why don’t you check it out for yourselves? I have no doubt in my mind that Passive Purple is the one to watch!

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