Thursday, 4 February 2021


How difficult is it to build eco?

Building an energy efficient home is something that most people aspire to these days, if for no other reason than they cost less to run. That and the fact it is kinder to our planet and we each need and want to do our bit. We’re preparing for the generations to come, providing them with a more sustainable future. 

So, is it hard to build an energy efficient home? 

The difference here is experience. If you haven’t ever built an eco construction then you will need to do your research. As with all construction the planning stage is vital and by far one of the most important stages. Every aspect of your build will contribute to its level of ‘eco’. For example, the materials that you use, the design of your build and even the way that it faces. Every last detail is important. 

I realise this makes it sound stressful but what you have to remember is that it is no different to any other build; you just might opt for a different method or design. If you get the help from an energy assessor, architect or engineer (or even all three) at the earliest possible stage then your build can run like clockwork; trust in the process.

Know your materials 

You obviously need to know exactly what it is that you want but you also need to know how best to implement it. This is where the materials come into play. What works, what doesn’t and what is most suited for your design. Think about where your materials are sourced from, how are they manufactured, how will you get them to the site. There are so many questions that need answering which is why it is always best to have someone in the ‘know’ on your side; take the pressure off and enjoy the ride. 

Know your systems 

As with the materials, you need to know and understand the different systems, heating, ventilation, electricity etc. What systems will work best for your build? What systems will provide you with the best energy efficiency? Again, speak to someone who knows all about this, who has the knowledge and experience and who will be able to help you get the best from your build. 

What are some of the basic elements that make up an energy efficient build?

- Water consumption

- Energy efficiency 

- Renewable energy 

- Air quality (indoor)

- Air tightness

- Ventilation 

- Materials

- Design 

There are many more aspects to ‘building green’ but these are a few to get you thinking. So, to answer the earlier question “How difficult is it to build green?” well actually, with a little bit of guidance it really isn’t difficult at all.  We need to ensure construction is sustainable, for both the planet and for the future generations. We are lucky to be able to work in an ever-changing industry; we just have to learn to be able to change with it. 

Green construction is the future; lets embrace it together. 

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