Monday, 25 January 2021

What is a Prefab build? 

There are so many types of buildings, materials and methods in construction and these can sometimes be confusing. What will suit your needs best? Is it worth spending the extra money? One question that has come to light in more recent times is “What is a prefab build?” 

There was once a time when the name ‘prefab’ filled people with mixed emotions; not all of them good. But, times have moved on, things have changed and the world of prefab has come a long way. 

Why prefab?

The prefab option fits many people’s needs. It is often cheaper than conventional methods and the actual construction time on site is much less. A lot of the construction is completed in the factory, the design and cutting for example. The physical construction will, obviously, be done on site.  Depending on what suppliers you use will depend on exactly how much is completed in the factory. For example, some suppliers will fix all windows and doors and others will even go as far as the plasterboard. Either way there are options that will fit all of your needs. 

The design of a prefab

The design needs to be thought out carefully, there is very little room for error. Assuming all the measurements are correct then this is a relatively easy and stress-free method of construction. You really must sit down with your architect and make sure that every area is covered. 

Can a prefab home be energy efficient?

What you have to remember is that as long as you have spent the time planning there is no reason why your prefab build can’t still be green. As you know, a lot of the detail for green construction is in the design. That coupled with some decent systems is a winning combination. You can talk with your energy assessor and get their advice as soon as possible. The design of the build can really impact the energy efficiency results.   

How easy are prefabs to construct?

Most of the construction time on a prefab build is completed in the factory. Once you have got to that stage it is relatively quick. Most of the time will be taken on the planning and the design because as I have stated above, this really does need to be perfect. There is no reason why you can’t have a home designed to your exact needs and specification, but there is no room for error. Once the factory starts to make your materials there really is no turning back. So, put the effort into the planning and try and get as much help from the experts as possible. 

Will a prefab home be cheaper?

Honestly, this is often the pull that gets people invested or at least initially interested, in prefabs. The cost can vary but, if you’re having a ‘run of the mill’ design and spec, then yes, more often than not it can cost less than the traditional construction methods. But, if you’re having a totally bespoke design, utilising all possible green methods and you have focused and got the help needed with the design, then the price can really vary. It really is what you make it. 

Prefab builds aren’t for everyone but it really is good that we are at the stage where we have so many options for various types of construction.

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