Wednesday, 12 August 2020

What should I clean after Covid 19?


A lot of industries and companies are struggling financially due to the pandemic, and there is probably some temptation to try and reduce costs by cutting back in the cleaning department.  However now is not the time for that.  We need to be ramping up the amount of cleaning we are doing and looking at what extra cleaning practices we can add in.  This isn't just to prevent spreading germs further, but also to maintain safety standards.

One of the vulnerable spots is in restaurant kitchens.  The extractor systems can get grease build-up, which in turn can lead to fires.  It is really important that extractor cleaning records are kept and that restaurants, cafes and industrial kitchens ensure they are cleaning their extractors frequently enough to keep the grease build-up below 200 microns.  Anything above this level can risk starting a fire.

With all the changes we are seeing in office buildings, for example, with new partitions being put in and different ways of using spaces, building managers must make sure that their air ventilation cleaning regime is still suitable, and that all ductwork is kept clean.  This will be vital in stopping the spread of the coronavirus along with other germs.  All cleaning regimes should be documented and detailed records kept to make sure that things can be monitored.  In some places, the existing ventilation system won't still be suitable so steps should be taken to install an appropriate system that will be appropriate for the new ways of working.

From now on, companies will need to reassure employees, customers and clients that it is competent and taking all possible measures when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness in the workplace.

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