Monday, 10 August 2020

Is Passive House certification worth it?

With Passive Houses on the increase in the UK over recent years, there are some that say you can simply build to Passive House standards, there's no need to really get full certification for it...but is this true?  Why get Passive House certification?  There are many benefits so let’s take a look….

Firstly and most importantly, let’s give the quick answer.  Yes, you should definitely get the full certification.  So, let me explain a bit about why.  By getting Passive House Certification, you get your construction team to be held accountable for what has been built.  There are rigorous standards to meet before certification will be given, so by getting it certified, you know that you've got the real deal.  You can rest easy knowing that your Passive House construction is quality assured, with long-lasting performance, and energy efficiency.  Knowing for definite that it is built to the Passive House standards will give you great peace of mind.  This will also in turn add to the value of your property as it has been independently certified.

Certification gives you the reassurance that the energy efficiency level that was agreed will actually be achieved.  It will also potentially save you money because by having your designs independently checked, you are more likely to pick up any errors before it's too late and costs you money to correct.

You wouldn't study for your GCSEs, then not take the exam, would you?  Look at Passive House certification as the same!

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