Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Supply shortage - construction during Corona

Your supply chain in any project is vital to your build. Without the materials your team don't have anything to work with which can always cause you problem but, during this time with Coronavirus you might find that your supply has been compromised. Since the virus hit the UK, restrictions have been put in place for the safety of the workers and some of these restrictions have had an impact on manufacturing and delivery of goods. 

Ports have been working reduced hours. Some factories have closed and some have worked reduced hours with lower output. The disruptions in operations have caused some shortage in supplies. If this has happened to you then now is the time to think about new ways in which to source your materials. Look more local; we have some amazing companies here in the UK who have the supply and ability to provide you with all of your needs. We have some of the best workers, materials and skills to enable your projects to continue and be the best that they can. 

If you're one of the unlucky ones who is used to getting materials in from overseas and you are struggling during this time, then re-think. Don't give up and try not to let it consume you. Plan ahead, make sure you have a list of the materials that you need for the whole build, order ahead, check the delivery times on your order and if you have somewhere for storage then you can always utilise that space.

Perhaps you have a smaller workforce due to employees being off because of Covid19 symptoms and not forgetting the usual sicknesses that are still around. Covid19 seems to have taken over our thinking; as soon as we are told someone is off sick we automatically think it's because of Corona. 

Life has not stopped because of Coronavirus!! Builds still need to be complete, workers still need to be paid, deadlines still need to be met. 

The Construction industry already has the difficulty that every project/building is different so you won't be able to store materials in the same way as other industries. For example the car industry; if they were building 10 cars, all of the same model, they would know exactly what parts they would need for completion of the whole project but this is very different for construction. You are also likely to be working with a different group of people for each project. You may not have worked with them before, you may not work with them again so you will need to be adaptable with other employees.  

The key to supply chain management is to find a system that will work with the project management. This is usually completed right at the beginning of the design stage. Just remember, this is your project and there is so much to say for preparation. Make sure you know exactly what you will need for each stage of your build, ensure you know how long delivery will take and set it out in order of what you need to do and when. Take into consideration any delays and get a good manager. This might be your project but it is a team effort to complete. Get a team you can trust! 

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