Monday, 8 June 2020

All you need to know about health and safety in construction

We all know how difficult things can be when it comes to health and safety and we all know that a construction site can be a very dangerous place. I know what it's like with all of the different compliances; sometimes it can feel as though you're just jumping through hoops. What you have to remember is that these are legally binding compliances. They are not just there to 'provide' someone with a job, they are there to ensure that your site is as safe as possible. 

Compliances are often being reviewed and with the advances in machinery, technology and the number of people you have on your site the compliances need to be updated frequently. You should always make sure you know what these are and what they mean to you, your build and your company. 

For a comprehensive list  check this out 

Without the correct health and safety procedures you will be breaking the law and can be severely fined, sued or even banned from operating.  You need to consider health and safety training, PPE, site maintenance etc etc. Health and safety can have its benefits for your company too; by having the right tools, equipment and training your employees will be happier and this can lead to better productivity. You will obviously have less chance of illness and injury so you will have fewer people off work. You will benefit from better profitability and an excellent reputation. A lot can be said for reputation; this is what your business runs on for clients and workers.

Some areas which could impact your site are:

Working in dusty environments can lead to conditions like occupational Asthma among other things. Exposure to specifics such as asbestos can cause illnesses such as Cancer. Loose materials can cause blindness without the right PPE and training and can result in lasting damage to you and your workers. Persistent loud noises can cause deafness and handling heavy equipment can cause back injuries, among other bodily injuries. These are just a few of the dangers that can occur on your site and by no means are they listed in order of severity. 

By making sure that you have the correct training, PPE and equipment you can ensure the safety of your workforce. You might find this overwhelming but if you do your research and appoint health and safety measures and officers then you can continue with your build and feel comfortable and secure in what is happening on your site. 

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