Friday, 24 September 2021

Exciting Prospects For Up-and-Coming Construction Talent.


The construction industry is huge, and if you’re lucky enough to be part of it, you’ll know how important it is that each trade works together, and no position is left unfilled. 


Covid19 has made its impact on our industry, and we’ve been left with the highest levels of vacancies since records began. We need to ensure that we continue to grow as an industry. If we don’t, we won’t be able to keep up with the demand for builds, and the impact from this could be huge. 


Thankfully, there has been a new initiative, backed by the Government, launched this month! Talentview Construction also has the backing of the Construction Leadership Council, Universities, Colleges and Construction Industry employers. It was launched on September 21st 2021 and helps support early careers in the construction industry. 


Talentview Construction


The idea behind this initiative is to fill the vacancies left in the construction industry. There are already over 600 apprenticeships listed! Considering it’s recent launch, that’s an impressive number. Employers can register with TVC and use this to promote their early career jobs. It’s a huge directory for construction careers. This will be the go-to site for anyone starting out in construction. 


Yes, we can put up our jobs anywhere and advertise them anywhere, but this allows us to open up all opportunities to a wider audience. This could also encourage more construction managers to open more opportunities on their sites. 


You can sign up for alerts for both jobs and training, and you can get advice on particular roles, as well as start building your own network. This is a fantastic tool for anyone starting out in our industry. I can’t wait to see how this website evolves, as if done correctly, this could have a huge positive impact on our industry. 


As an employer, you can search for a candidate directly. Do you have specific qualities you’re looking for? Does a potential candidate stand out for you? Don’t worry, you can headhunt them for your position. Build your own network, work closely with universities and colleges, build a future for our younger generation. 


The construction industry is a leading industry to work in. It’s fast paced, energetic, talented and vital. We need to ensure that the next generation is as eager to be in our industry as we are.


TVC is free to use! The construction industry currently employs around 3 million people and still needs to recruit 217,000 new workers between now and 2025 to continue on the same trajectory and support the current demand. This figure is subject to rise! TVC can hopefully start to bridge this gap and open up the opportunity for new talent!

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