Friday, 8 January 2021

 What are BIM, PIM and AI and how are they beneficial to the construction industry?

BIM, aka Building Information Modelling, allows for digital planning, construction and management and is often used by architects and others. The best part of this technology is that it can locate potential problems as early as the planning stage. This is the most important stage of all construction and if you’re able to iron out any problems here then you will have an excellent start; this is invaluable to all types of builds. As I have always said, get the help at the design stage, either from this software or an expert. Ironing out any issues here really will allow for a smooth running project. 

BIM can also accurately estimate the correct materials to complete your build. These are just a few of the things this software can do but the extent to which it can help is endless really; trust in the technology. We shouldn’t be fighting the use of this, we should be grateful for the help. Technology isn’t there to ruin our industry, it is there to enhance it. We must understand the importance of technology and realise it is the combination of software such as this, with actual people, that really makes the power couple. 

PMI can be integrated into the BIM system and allows for customer and supply management. Together this can really help transform any construction site. The ease of use and the day-to-day management will be taken out of your hands. The use of this type of software won’t necessarily replace your workers but it will make their lives easier and with fewer mistakes and a faster turnaround. 

AI can explore a construction project and can do it much quicker than we can. Not only is it faster than us, it also doesn’t make mistakes as we do; unfortunately we are only human. The mix of these technologies can really up your construction game. They are fast becoming the norm on site and we can see why. 

To get more information about these check this site for an in-depth look as to why BIM, PMI and AI are so important within our industry.

Technology in our industry is advancing and, as you can see, it really is proving invaluable. To have the ability to pinpoint possible problems before they happen doesn’t just save time, but also money. This technology allows you to think outside the box and perhaps be a bit more ambitious with your project. The unknown becomes the ‘known’ and with the use of AI you don’t even have to visualise anymore, you can quite literally have a 3D model if you so wish. Technology is pushing forward and the construction industry is thriving under its reign. 

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