Sunday, 13 September 2020

What does the future of construction look like? Building for generations to come.


I have written a few blogs about what construction looks like in the aftermath of corona and where we expect to be down the line. Unfortunately things are looking as if they're going to take a touch longer to get back to normal than what we had all expected and hoped. But what we have to understand is that we have a new 'normal' and we need to work towards that and not look back at what 'was'.

Construction is changing and not just because of the recent events but because of the influence of technology, new materials and the new way of living and we, as builders, business owners, labourers and trades need to find our place and build our own 'new normal'.

Technology is a driving force within our industry and thankfully it is forward thinking which enables us to build the amazing constructions we have today We have new technology, advances in materials and experience to thank for the rise in eco living. The Government has a deadline of 2050 for net zero carbon emissions and this is achievable. We must remember that we can do this and surpass this deadline if we put our minds to it and work together. From low energy bills right up to passive house standard, and everything inbetween, technology plays a huge part in allowing us to progress swiftly forward.

More and more builds these days are adhering to eco standards and in turn we are expecting a lot more from our homes. Not only do we have expectations of lower energy bills and a cleaner healthier environment we also expect our homes to be more versatile. Over the last few months we have experienced many challenges, some of which are still continuing. For example, we now await materials which in turn causes a delay in the construction. I imagine we can expect this to continue for a while, certainly until things start to become a bit more 'normal' and there isn't much we can do to change that. We can, however, look elsewhere, use local suppliers, look at different materials and plan ahead. Is this an ideal situation? No, of course not but it is the hand we are dealt and we need to be able to work with it.

The way in which we utilise our homes has changed. As I have said before, we have new ways of living, we expect more from the same builds. We need more, we need offices, places to school, home gyms and entertaining areas but we don't necessarily have more money to spend to achieve this. As builders we must be able to provide what people want without letting the standards slip. We know what we can do, we have been doing it for years. Let's not let a few inconveniences get in the way. We can and must carry on building the best, building for the future and building green. Construction is a forward thinking, versatile industry and it has proven that more than ever over the last few months. We are lucky to be a part of something so prominent. Let's be grateful, positive and happy that we are the future.

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