Friday, 4 September 2020

Can a mezzanine work for you? Create more space on a cheaper budget.


When you're looking to update your property or even to add a bit of flair to your build, you might consider a mezzanine floor. This is a raised platform that fits between the floor and the ceiling of the building. The sizes and shapes of these can vary and can be designed around your build. They have the ability to add extra space, additional rooms and fit around your home or business premises.

Mezzanines can work well for office spaces as well as homes. They are relatively cost effective and can add value to your build. If you're thinking about work these are a fairly simple way to add space. To be able to add one of these you would need to use the height of your structure. You obviously won't be able to even consider adding  a mezzanine if you have low ceilings; this really does go without saying.

If you're in the catering/restaurant business these can be an excellent way to make your business more profitable. It will allow for more space to add more tables, for example, which in turn will allow for more business. Some restaurants don't have the space to expand outwards so this can really be an excellent answer to what can seem an impossible problem.

If you're in the retail , leisure, gym or spa business you will often see a mezzanine. Businesses like these really do need to make the most of their space and these levels are an impressive and, as stated before, a cheaper way of expanding. Relocation can often be expensive, as can buying land to be able to extend outwards. Companies really do need to consider their options and I can completely understand why they so often decide on a mezzanine .

Some people do have mezzanines in their homes and they really can look magnificent. These are great, if you're able to include one, and they can really show off the design of your home. It is easily removed should you ever decide to take it out; although once you have one I can't see this ever happening. They are beautiful to look at and to use, they can show off the style of your home from a different angle, allow you to see every corner of your space and create a special piece of tranquility.

So essentially mezzanines are often found in business premises and it is clear to see why they are so popular here. With the extra space they create, the cheapness of construction and the relative ease of removal (should you ever need to do this) they really have very few downfalls.

If you're one of the lucky ones and have a house that will happily withstand a mezzanine level then the benefits from the extra space, the stunning beauty and the views of your home will just wow you and all of your guests.

Any update to your home or business should be carefully thought out. However, if you have that desire, that passion and the means to do it, don't question yourself. Your home is there for you and no one else.

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