Wednesday, 5 August 2020

What do I need to do when I move house?

Moving house can be a really stressful time, its there in the top 5 most stressful events in our lives! For most of us it isn't something we do that often fortunately...but it can be hard to remember all the important things to do.  

Here is a handy reference list to make your move as stress free as possible!

1)  Decide on a moving date as soon as exchange happens - avoid Fridays and weekends as these will be most expensive for van hire or removal team hire as they are the most popular days
2)  Shop around for the right removal company or van hire company - prices can vary considerably. Don't forget to be a bit cheky and ask if they can do a slightly better price...never hurts to ask and could save you some pennies!
3)  Have a clear out!  We all have things we don't actually want or need.  Send these to a charity shop before you move - no point in moving with them.
4)  Most removal firms provide boxes at a cost.  Don't overfill them.  Make sure you can still lift them.  Then make sure you label them with what is in them (for you to unpack) and which room they need to go to (to help the removal men).  Some removal companies pack for you - make sure you specify if anything needs to be put in a different room in the new house.  Make sure you tell them you want to make a note on the boxes they pack so you know what is in them.

5)  Make sure your belongings are insured whilst in transit.  This will be a combination of the removal company insurance and for anything you pack and they transport - probably your home contents insurance - but check to make sure on both fronts.
6)  Make sure you have someone to look after your pets and/or children on moving day.
7)  Consider hiring professional cleaners to clean your new home before you arrive. Whilst this is an extra expense it can make the day much easier especially as you never kno what time you are going to complete.
8)  Pack an essentials box - cups, kettle, milk, tea bags, biscuits, loo roll etc.  That way if your boxes don't arrive with you, or you don't feel like hunting around for the box with the kitchen stuff in, you can still celebrate moving day with a cuppa
9)  Consider leaving an instruction page for the people buying your old home - bin days, appliance manuals, keys etc.  It can be a nice touch for your buyers to receive a 'welcome to your new home' card with your best wishes.

10)  Get all the keys for your old property together and take them all to the estate agent.
11)  Arrange a redirection of your post with Royal Mail.  Keep a record as you change your address with companies, and then when things are redirected, add them to that list to make sure everyone is covered before your redirection runs out.
12)  If you're moving to a new area, make sure you notify your GP and register with a new one - same goes for dentist and any other medical services.
13)  As soon as you get to your new home, register to vote - you don't want to miss out on having your say.
14)  Make sure the removal company has a set of keys to your new home, or travel with them.  Make sure there is someone there to let them in to your new home if this isn't possible.

15)  When you arrive at your new home, check that all utilities are working (water, gas, electric) and read all the meters.
16)  Consider changing the locks on your new home when you get there - you never know who the previous owner gave a set of keys to.
17) Finally...relax...your in your new home. Weall rush to unpack and get sorted as soon as possible but really what is the rush? Get out what you need and enjoy your new home. It's been a busy day and the boxes will still be there tomorrow to unpack!

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