Monday, 24 August 2020

Beautiful bathroom design; be your own style.

Whether you're looking to add a sense of more space, design, style or flair to your bathroom you need to plan. You must get your ideas down on paper and not just in your head. It is very hard to communicate what you see in your thoughts to any designer if you don't have some sort of visual representation. There are no mind-readers in construction, although it would make things a lot easier if there were! 

I know this sounds ridiculous but what do you want to use your bathroom for? I don't just mean having a shower, going to the toilet, brushing your teeth or bath time, I mean, do you want a space that you can sink into and escape the realities of life. Do you want a bathroom that is relatively easy to clean?  Do you want your bathroom just to be practical and built around function? Or do you like the nooks and crannies that can home all of your little trinkets?

Bathrooms, toilets, powder rooms are there for a purpose. They have a function but this doesn't mean that you can't make them into something special should you wish. Think of the bath for starters. A lot of people often design the room around the bath. This is more often than not the focal point of the room.  If your space is large enough you may like a free standing bath. There are so many designs out there and these really can bring some flair to your room, and surprisingly they really can create a sense of space. Perhaps, if you have room, you would like separate basins? Maybe you're sick of having to clean it before you use it?  You may decide to get 'His and Hers' who am I to question?

Statement walls and floors are not reserved solely for the rest of the house, they can be easily incorporated into the bathroom too. Just be sure to think about the pattern and design of any update as sometimes too much pattern can create the feeling of a smaller space. If you're dealing with a small bathroom it can sometimes have the opposite effect to what you may want. Some people like to go with a theme, which can help when choosing the colours or fabrics. Make a mood board with selections of different ideas, ones that you like and not based on other people's opinions. Whether you're thinking  of updating the bathroom or any other room you might want to consider the costs. If you're one of the lucky ones who doesn't have to factor this in then that's great. Get shopping, go looking, get inspiration and don't worry about the money side. Do exactly what you want and enjoy! 

If however, you're like (quite possibly) the majority of us, then cost will be a big factor. You might even want to think of the future too. A lot of the time we are perhaps inclined to decorate our homes in line with fashion. However the problem is that when we do this we automatically set ourselves up for more redecorating in a few years time. But if you're happy with that and you enjoy injecting life into your home, then there isn't an issue. Carry on! There are many tastes out there which have stood the test of time. If you're looking for bathroom inspiration check this site out, you might find something here or even decide to mix up a few of the themes.

Decorating can be therapeutic, building can be cathartic and living in your ideal home can be priceless.

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