Thursday, 2 July 2020

Smart storage ideas

So you've got to the point where you have either built your house or you're updating your current home. Things have changed over the years and there are now so many ways to store all your household items without them being seen!

Let's start with the kitchen or if you have a utility room we can add some clever storage suggestions there too. I don't know about you but I think those 'fake' drawers that are placed at the top of cupboards can be such a waste of space?! These are often in places like under the sink as a full drawer wouldn't fit as the sink would be in th way. Have you ever thought of making those into flip trays? You can store all of your small items like soaps, cloths etc in there. This is just a small way in which an otherwise 'pointless' space can be utilised. 

Have a look here for some ideas 

They have some amazing small storage space ideas that can de-clutter your work surfaces and put everything you need in its very own place. By opening up your rooms to these new space saving ideas you will create the illusion of space, even though, technically you haven't gained any floor area! I know that the minimalist design isn't for everyone but that's not necessarily what I'm talking about here, what I'm suggesting is that you make sure everything has a place of its own.

If you would rather have your items on show, that's fine, everybody's taste is different. There are loads of ideas where you can utilise the space to ensure that you have the right type of display. Does your home have alcoves? These are a great place for adding shelves or cupboards and you can even make these into a feature by bringing them into the design of your home or even making them the pinnacle of your layout. 

If you're an avid reader, maybe you could add some storage to your bed...your headboard to be more precise! There are many ways where you can add some smart storage that will fit behind the headboard but still be easily accessible. Check out here for ideas as to what this might look like and they might also have some other clever tricks that you might just like.

There are solutions for many things in your home. Perhaps you don't have space for that home-office so what about a fold-down desk? This could potentially solve your problems. You don't have to give up a space in your home totally dedicated to an office, yet you're still able to have the space to have an office. Once the desk is folded away you've transformed your room to back its original state; it is a multiuse space.

If you're building from scratch then you can incorporate some amazing storage design techniques into your build. This is the perfect solution. If you're updating your current home then there are many ways this is possible. Start on each room, make notes for what you'd like and then research what ideas work. Trust me, there is storage out there for every one of your needs!

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