Sunday, 5 July 2020

How are the new SAP calculation changes going to affect me ?

As you may or may not be aware there are some important changes happening to the SAP calculation....

Below is an overview, make sure you become familiar with them! If you are unsure speak to Atspace who will be able to talk you through them and advise you on what you need to know.


  • CO2 emission factors, primary energy factors and fuel prices, have been updated
  • Default distribution loss factors associated with heat networks have been increased
  • The assumed heating pattern has been changed to a consistent daily pattern for all days of the week
  • The assessment of summer internal temperatures has been refined
  • Additional design flow (heat emitter) temperature options have been provided for heat pumps and condensing boilers, which affect their efficiencies
  • Default heat pump efficiencies have been updated
  • The calculation of lighting energy has been updated to allow recognition of new lighting types with higher efficiency
  • The options for entering heat losses from thermal bridges have been revised
  • The calculation of hot water consumption has been adjusted to account for shower flow rate
  • Battery storage is now accounted for in calculations for PV panels
  • The impact of PV diverters is now taken into account
  • The over shading factor used for the PV calculation can be taken from Microgeneration Certification Scheme data

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